...                                                    Katie Collins

“I can't recommend them enough. This has been a great experience and I'm so happy with how my colt is doing. They kept up great communication through all of his training, and I felt that they genuinely cared for my horse beyond just getting him broke. I'm so excited to start my journey with my horse and feel comfortable moving forward with him because I know he got a solid start with Dalton, Caitlyn, and Blaque.”

...                                                    Lori Granberg

“You guys have blessed Baxter and me so much. I was so impressed with your dedication, hearts, intentions, knowledge and experience, use of resources, philosophy of horsemanship, sense of humor and just plain fun to be around. Also your faith in God! I’m gonna miss you guys, Blaque and the pups(Baxter too).”

...                                                    Mary Moore

“Dalton Duncan is the best trainer I have ever worked with…period. We brought our 2 rescued geldings to him as they were unrideable. The last 2 trainers wouldn’t get on them, but Dalton rode them in the first week and now he has them out chasing cattle! His communication, care and knowledge is what makes him so great! He saved these horses from being put down and I can’t thank him enough. The best decision I have ever made.”

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